Use the Panic Button

The Panic Button grants access to an unlimited number of technician licenses for a 10 hour period (10 straight hours per hit) with access to all service features. This is helpful for emergency situations where the current number of Take Control licenses is not sufficient. For example, with 5 licenses of Take Control, only 5 technicians can work simultaneously in the console. The Panic Button allows an unlimited number of technicians to log in to the console concurrently. This option is meant to be used in the case of an emergency (i.e. a virus outbreak)

  1. From the left navigation menu in the Admin Area, select Management > Licenses.
  2. Click the Advanced tab to access the Panic Button.

After the Panic Button is activated, an email is sent to confirm the feature has been used. The email also specifies the beginning and end of the 10 hour period during which an unlimited number of technicians can log in to the console. After this 10 hour period ends, the normal license standards are restored.

The Panic button can be used once during your subscription duration, and cannot be paused after it is activated.

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