Uninstall the Mac Agent

If you no longer require N-sight RMM on a computer, you can remove the computer using the N-sight RMM Dashboard and the Mac Agent automatically uninstalls from the computer. If needed, you can also manually remove the Mac Agent from the computer.

Deleting a device from the N-sight RMM Dashboard and Agent uninstalls are non-recoverable actions. When you confirm a deletion, all information stored in relation to the Client, Site or Device(s) is instantly removed from the database and the data is unretrievable.

Ensure that you verify the correct item is selected for removal before you enter the password and confirm deletion.

When the Mac Agent is uninstalled from a device, Device Management for Apple is not automatically unenrolled unless you select that option when you Automatically uninstall the Agent or until you remove the MDM enrollment profile from the device. For more information, see Remove an enrollment profile from a device.

The User Audit Report records information for device deletions including the Date/Time of removal, the Client, Site and Device details, the Username and the action. For example: Agent Uninstalled Manually from Device.

Use the Configure alerts for Agent removal to receive a notification when an Agent is removed not using the N-sight RMM Dashboard. For example, a manual uninstall.

Automatic Mac Agent uninstall

When you delete a device from the N-sight RMM Dashboard, the Mac Agent is automatically uninstalled.

You can only delete a device from the N-sight RMM Dashboard if are logged in using an account with General Settings (Devices) permissions enabled.

To automatically uninstall the Mac Agent, delete the device from the N-sight RMM Dashboard:

  1. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard North-pane, go to the Workstations or Mixed tab
  2. Multi-select the target devices (shift and left-click for a range, control and left-click for specific devices)
  3. Right-click one of the selected devices
  4. Select Delete Workstation or Delete from Dashboard
  5. Verify the number of devices you are deleting, and if you want to unenroll any of the devices that are enrolled in Device Management for Apple, select Unenroll all selected devices from DMA
  6. Enter the password you used to log into N-sight RMM to confirm deletion
  7. Click OK to apply

Depending on the Agent cycle, the Agent removal process may take over an hour to complete.

Although we run the uninstallers for the Agent and any installed features, there may be instances where some files and folders associated with the features are not removed from the device.

Manually uninstall the Mac Agent

When you manually uninstall the Mac Agent, the uninstall is communicated back to N-sight RMM and the device is removed from the N-sight RMM Dashboard(if is was not already removed).

There are two options to manually remove the Mac Agent from the computer:

  • Rerun the Agent Installer and select Uninstall
  • Run the uninstall.tool in Terminal (Command Line)

Agent Installer

  1. Go to the Downloads folder (available in the Finder sidebar or the Dock)

    If the Agent installation package is deleted from the computer, you can download another installation package using Agent > Download Agent on the N-sight RMM Dashboard.

  2. Double-click the Agent disk image file (For example: OSX_AGENT_3_8_0.DMG)
  3. Select Uninstall
  4. Review the warning information and proceed
  5. Enter the Password for the computer user when prompted
  6. Click OK to begin the uninstall process

Terminal (Command Line)

  1. Click Finder > Go > Utilities
  2. Double-click Terminal
  3. Navigate to the Mac Agent installation directory
  4. $ cd /usr/local/rmmagent/

  5. Run the uninstall.tool either as root or by assuming root privileges by sudo, providing the computer's password when prompted.

    $ sudo ./uninstall.tool
    Service rmmagentd not running
    Advanced Monitoring Agent removed

Although macOS supports the removal of apps using Trash or Launchpad, we do not recommend using these methods as they do not fully uninstall the Agent, and associated features, from the computer.

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