Agent Removal Alerts

To ensure visibility of monitored devices and their statuses, we have included the option to send a notification when an Agent removal action takes place on the computer. For example, the user uninstalls the Agent using Add/Remove Programs.

To generate an Alert for each uninstalled Agent.

  1. Go to Settings > General Settings > Agent Management
  2. Enter the Email addresses for the members of the team to receive the removal Alerts. Use a comma to separate multiple email addresses
  3. Removal alerts for all Clients are sent to the entered email addresses.

  4. Click OK to save and apply

We do not send Removal Alerts for Dashboard actioned uninstalls.

For example, manually deleting a Device from the Dashboard or inactive workstation removals based on the deletion threshold do not generate a Removal Alert.

Programmatic Agent removal, including Windows Group Policy, may trigger a removal notification.

User Audit Report

To correspond with this new functionality, Dashboard v2019.07.05 introduced changes to the Agent uninstall information in the User Audit Report. These improvements make is easier to identify who actioned the removal as well as filter on specific events.

  • Username: Changed Agent Uninstalled Manually from Device to the name of the computer user who uninstalled the Agent (where captured).
  • Event: Changed Device to Agent Uninstalled Manually
  • Details: Includes the “Uninstalled by” computer user (where captured)

We only displays the computer user’s name on Windows devices running Agent 10.9.0 RC or later.

The below extract illustrates the User Audit Report Changes.


Generate an Added and deleted Devices Report for information on Devices activity over a selected time-period.