Configure Mail Templates

Depending on the configured Alerting behavior, an email notification can be generated whenever a check fails, with the option to send a recovery email when the Check subsequently passes.

You can configure Mail Templates to ensure the email notifications match your requirements. In the Mail Templates, you can edit the From address, the Subject line, and the content in the Body (plain text and HTML) of the email using the N-sight RMM Dashboard Mail Templates menu.

If you use a custom From address in a mail template, you must ensure the address exists. If the From address does not exist, our sender verification check may fail. For reference, the default mail server for the From address is

You can also configure Mail Template Substitution Strings to replace wildcards entered in the template with the corresponding values from the database so you can replace generic terms and provide a more personalized message containing your Client's Dashboard details and other information.

The following is a sample mail template:

SPF Records and the Allowed List

Changes to the template From address, for example to an email address from your domain, can result in the email being classified as coming from a spoofed domain.

If you use Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and a custom From address for Alerts and Reports, we recommend you Configure DNS Records for N-sight RMM email notifications

If you have an email security firewall in place, we recommend you allow our mail server for N-sight RMM.

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