Email and SMS Alert routing

When a Check fails or a server does not report in to N-sight RMM, you can send email and SMS Alerts and you can configure the Alert Routing.

Using Alert Routing, you can configure:

  • Notifications from the global (all servers or workstations) down to specific Check level (server only)
  • The recipients to receive notifications during office hours and out of office hours

    To configure your office hours on the N-sight RMM Dashboard, go to Settings > General Settings > Office Hours.

This level of notification and recipient granularity is useful if specific teams are assigned to particular Clients or critical Check types.

Alerting uses a hierarchical structure to inherit alerting policies. By default devices inherit from the site, which inherits from the client, which in turn inherits from the all servers or workstation setting.

To configure your alert routing settings, see:

To configure how alerting is handled across all of your devices, see Alert Policy: Global Email or SMS Alert Setting.

To set up Alerts for specific Checks or overdue devices, see Server - Alert Configuration and Workstation - Alert Configuration .