Allow Mail Server IP Addresses

Depending on your company's security policy, an email firewall may be deployed to filter inbound and outbound email traffic to help prevent malicious emails from reaching their intended target.

You can configure the firewall to match your company's precise requirements. For example, automatically quarantine any messages where the originating mail server IP address is not exempted in the allowed list, or block an email where it is sent to multiple recipients at the same time.

To avoid potential delivery problems for N-sight RMM Dashboard generated Alert and Report emails, we recommend you add entries in the email security firewall's allowed list for our servers IP addresses.

Our mail generating servers IP addresses are listed in the * A record for the relevant territory. These records are updated whenever there is a change to the infrastructure (for example, if a server is decommissioned or a new server added).

For a list of the current IP addresses, query your territory's * For example, nslookup

Mailers A Record Territory Americas Australia Europe, France, France1, Ireland, Poland> Germany Hong Kong UK US

Allowing the IP addresses will depend on the firewall's interface, although most vendors provide detailed documentation on how this is achieved for their products.

If using SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and a custom From address for Alerts and Reports, we recommend you add an entry in the SPF record for the above mailers A record for your territory.

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