Risk Intelligence FAQs

Where is the Risk Intelligence cloud service located?

There is one instance of Risk Intelligence hosted in the US.

Which URLs and ports does Risk Intelligence require access to?

Risk Intelligence communicates through TCP port 80 and TCP port 443 and requires access to app.iscanonline.com and us.ri.logicnow.com

Is the data collected by the Scans uploaded to the Risk Intelligence servers for processing?

All data remains on the device during processing and only redacted version of this sensitive data is stored for the report.

Please note that the redacted data cannot be recreated at any time by our product.

Does the Data Breach Risk Scan look for userids or passwords?

The scan does not currently search for userids or passwords.

What are the average scan times?

There are a number of factors that can affect the length of time a scan takes to complete, including the number and complexity of the files on the devices, although we have observed the following averages for recent scans:

Scan type Duration

Data Breach Scan

11 minutes, 10 seconds

PCI Scan

56 seconds

Security Scan

40 seconds

If I remove a Scan, do I also remove the Reports?

The Reports are only removed from Risk Intelligence when deleted by a user. Removing a scan does not affect the availability of these Reports in Risk Intelligence.

I have discovered false positives in the Report, can you explain why this can happen?

We use several technologies in combination with the Luhn algorithm to validate that a discovered numerical string represents a valid card number. Anomalies may be reported where the trigger text is, or is not, found in the discovered numerical string.

Why was the Outlook file (OST) not scanned?

To avoid potential conflicts, we exclude the OST file from the scan when it is in use.

Which file types are supported by Risk Intelligence?

Risk Intelligence scans can query and retrieve information from the following file types: TXT, CSV, HTML, XML, RTF, DOCX, ODT, SXW, HTM, ZIP, PPTX, XLSX, PST, SQL, PDF, BAK, DOC, XLS, PPT and OST

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