Non-Policy Risk Intelligence Automated Task Conversion

Before the release of Dashboard 6.31, the Automated Tasks required to run the Risk Intelligence scans were deployed manually from the "Tasks" tab or through ""Monitoring Templates.

To make deployment and management simpler, from Dashboard 6.31 we moved to a policy based model where you only have to make one change in the policy for it to propagate down to all devices using that policy, rather than edit the Automated Task at the device level or redeploy a Monitoring Template.

As part of this change to a policy based system, all Risk Intelligence Automated Tasks (including those deployed manually or through Monitoring Templates) are only controlled via Risk Intelligence policies with the management options previously available from the Tasks tab's context menu removed.

The Automated Tasks will continue to run as scheduled and upload their data to the Risk Intelligence portal.

Manage Risk Intelligence Automated Tasks

If you need to make any changes to the Automated Task it is necessary to associate the device with a Risk Intelligence policy, with any alterations to the Automated Taskapplied at the policy level.

This may be achieved on a large scale from Settings, Risk Intelligence, Settings or at the device level through the Edit device dialog.

After enabling Risk Intelligence the device applies the selected policy, it removes any existing Risk Intelligence Automated Tasks and adds new Automated Tasks associated with the policy deployed (even where the Automated Task and schedule are the same).

Removing the Risk Intelligence Automated Task does not delete the associated scan which will continue to be available from the Risk Intelligence portal until it is manually deleted.

Monitoring Templates

To avoid deploying non-manageable Automated Tasks, we would suggest removing any Risk Intelligence Automated Tasks from your Monitoring Templates.

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