Managed Devices

The Managed Devices section provides information about the number of devices, passed Checks, and resolved alerts.

Section Description
Devices The total number of managed devices across all Operating System types including Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Mobiles
Checks Passing The percentage of Checks passed during the month across all computer Operating System types— grouped into the following categories
Category Contained Checks
Application Antivirus Update Check (all products)
Backup Check (all products)
Microsoft Exchange Check
MTA Queue Check
MySQL Check
WSUS Check
Disk/File Disk Space Check
Drive Space Change Check
File Size Check (24x7 and Daily Safety Check)
Physical Disk Check
Event Apple System Log Check
Critical Events Check
Event Log Check (24x7 and Daily Safety Check)
Log File Check
Network Bandwidth Monitoring Check
PING Check
SNMP Check
TCP Service Check
Web Page Check
Script Script Check
Service Linux Daemon Check
OSX Daemon Check
Process Check
Windows Service Checks
System Failed Login Check
OSX Update Check
Package Management Check
Physical Memory Check
Performance Monitoring Check
Task Automated Task
Alerts Resolved The number of Check outages raised, closed or cleared during the month

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