Maintenance Mode - Status indicators

N-sight RMM uses indicators to identify devices in Maintenance Mode in the following areas of the N-sight RMM Dashboard:

Client list

For devices in Maintenance Mode, the associated Client and/or Site icon includes the under maintenance indicator maintenance_icon.


Icon Description
maintenance_icon All devices at the Client and or Site are in Maintenance Mode.
maintenance_one_client At least one device at the Client is in Maintenance Mode
maintenance_one_device At least one device at the Site is in Maintenance Mode


For a device in Maintenance Mode, the N-sight RMM Dashboard background color changes to pearl pearl.

To highlight the Maintenance Mode state, you can select Maintenance Mode from the Columns option above the North-pane.


The Maintenance Mode column displays devices that are in Maintenance Mode () or have a Maintenance Mode schedule pending (). Hover over the indicators for details of its schedule.


mw_pending mw_active_until


The Summary tab for a device in Maintenance Mode indicates: MAINTENANCE IN PROGRESS


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