Uninstall the Linux Agent

There are two methods to Uninstall Linux Agent from a device. You can remove the server from the All Devices view, which triggers an automatic uninstall of the Agent from the device, or you can log into the server to manually uninstall the Agent.

Automatically Uninstall the Agent

The All Devices view deletion options are available when logged in using an account with General Settings (Devices) permissions enabled.

When you delete a device from the All Devices view, the Agent is also uninstalled.

  1. On the All Devices view North-pane, go to the Servers or Mixed tab
  2. Multi-select the devices for removal (Shift and left-click for a range, Control and left-click for specific devices)
  3. Right-click one of the selected devices
  4. Select Delete Server or Delete from Dashboard
  5. Verify the number of devices to delete
  6. Enter the password you used to sign into N-sight RMM
  7. Click OK to apply

Depending on the Agent cycle, the Agent removal process may take over an hour to complete.

Manually Uninstall the Agent

To manually uninstall the Linux Agent, log on to the server then run the following commands in the CLI to remove the rmmagent package using the Linux Distribution's package manager.

root privileges are required for this operation.

Debian-based distributions.

When in the root shell

# dpkg --purge rmmagent

Using sudo

$ sudo dpkg --purge rmmagent

Other distributions.

# rpm --erase rmmagent

When a device is deleted it is recorded in the User Audit Report and includes the Date/Time of removal, the Client, Site and Device Details in addition to the Username and action, for example: Agent Uninstalled Manually from Device.

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