Reset a User's Two-Factor Authentication

If a user cannot access their 2FA authenticator and they have lost their Recovery Code, they cannot generate the security code to log in to N-sight RMM and they cannot manually reset their 2FA by themselves. However, superusers and Agent Key users can reset the 2FA for the user. For information about Superuser or Agent Keys roles, see Roles and permissions.

To reset a user's 2FA as a superuser or Agent Key user:

  1. Sign into N-sight RMM as a Superuser or Agent Key user
  2. On the All Devices view, go to Settings > Users > User Accounts
  3. Right-click the target user and select Two Factor Authentication > Reset 2FA

    Only Superuser logins or Agent Keys can access the Reset 2FA option.

  4. When you are promoted, click Reset 2FA to confirm
  5. Click Save to apply

    After 2FA is reset for a user, the next time they log in they must Activate Two-Factor Authentication before they can access N-sight RMM.

You can only reset 2FA for one user at a time. To reset 2FA for multiple users, you must reset each one individually.

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