Scheduled Task profiles

Scheduled Task profiles enable you to combine tasks and apply them to rules. These profiles outline what tasks, or group of tasks, run on filtered devices and when.

Access to profiles is based on the account level where they are created. For example, a profile created at a Service Organization level is available at all customers and sites within that organization. A profile created at the customer level is available to devices associated with that specific customer.

This procedure cannot be performed at the device or system level.

  1. Click Configuration > Scheduled Tasks > Profiles.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Give the profile a name and enter a description.
  4. Under the Details tab, click Add to add a task or tasks.
  5. Under the Associations tab, select the rule to associate with the Scheduled Task profiles.
  6. Click Save.

For Scheduled Task profiles that are probe-based, the profile will stop running if the probe associated with it is moved (for example, after moving a device). To continue running the profile:

  • Install another probe in the environment
  • Modify the rule that the scheduled task profile is associated with to reengage the probe. This can be as simple as renaming the rule.

For more information, see What are Scheduled Tasks.

What type of schedule task to you want to create?