Add a schedule task to restart a Windows service

Use scheduled tasks to restart a service on a weekly basis to refresh the service data.

Scheduled tasks are available at the SO and Customer level.

  1. In the left navigation pane, click Configuration > Scheduled Tasks > Add/Delete.
  2. From the top navigation, click Add > Automation Policy.
  3. Enter the Task Name.
  4. For Credentials, select Local System Credentials.
  5. From the Repository Item drop-down menu, select Restart a Windows Service.
  6. In the Service to Restart field, enter the Windows service name. Ensure it is the exact service name.
  7. Click the Targets tab and select the Devices to have services restarted.
  8. Click the Schedule tab.
  9. From the Type drop-down menu, select Recurring.
  10. From the Interval drop-down menu, select Custom and define the weekly time frame.
  11. Click the Notification tab to configure an email notification of the restart success or failure.
  12. Click Save.

N-able N-central saves the scheduled task to the repository. N-able N-central runs the task at the configured time. When complete, and if configured to do so, N-able N-central sends a notification to the selected recipients in the format defined by their user profile.