Discovered Assets

In Discovered Assets, you can see a list of available devices on a network. These devices can be discovered either by a discovery job or an asset scan, though in most cases an asset scan auto-imports devices to the All Devices view.

Devices will end up in Discovered Assets if a device is deleted from the All Devices view and Set device as unmanaged is selected or from agent/probe discoveries that are not set to auto-import. Note that if a device's asset data has not been updated in more than 30 day, it will delete the device instead of sending it to Discovered Assets.

Devices in Discovered Assets are maintained, regardless of original source, until the asset data for that device has not been updated in more than 30 days. Recurring discovery jobs and asset scans from an N-central agent will update and refresh this timer.

Navigate to Discovered Assets

To access Discovered Assets:

  1. In the left-hand navigation menu, click Configuration.

  2. Click Asset Discovered.

  3. Click Discovered Assets.

Known Issues

The Discovered Assets section has two tabs: Discovered Assets and Known Issues. Under the Know Issues tab, you can find any Discovered Assets that were marked as Ignore. The next time a discovery job or asset scan is run, devices under Known Issues will be ignored.

Probe-based discovery jobs cannot find a full list of asset data on Mac devices, so Mac device should not be part of recurring asset jobs if you are expecting asset data. After discovering Mac devices, allow the Mac agent to provide the asset data based on its daily asset scan.