New: January 21, 2021

Re-install a Windows probe with activation key

For troubleshooting purposes or to resolve probe issues, you may occasionally need to reinstall the probe.

Use this method when you need to re-install or relocate the probe software and want to keep the services monitored by this probe.

Do not delete the probe from N-able N-central. Deleting the probe will delete all tasks assigned to the probe, losing any associated historical data.

Perform these steps at the System or SO level.

  1. Click Actions > Download Agent/Probe.

  2. In the System Agent/Probe area, click Windows Probe.

  3. Save the file to a local location on the system where you are going to reinstall the probe .

  4. If this is a probe relocation, you will first need to uninstall the probe from the previous system.

  5. Click Administration > Probes and click on the probe name.

  6. Click the System Communication tab.

  7. Next to Probe Activation Key, click Get Activation Key > Copy Activation Key > OK.

  8. Run the downloaded installer.

  9. When prompted for the activation key, paste the activation key you copied above.

  10. Enter in the proper proxy information if one is used.

  11. In the Credentials fields enter a valid Domain administrator for the network this will be installed on. These credentials will need to be valid for proper probe based monitoring/management, and agent deployment.

  12. Continue to follow the prompts as directed.

Once complete your probe is now installed.

Check in N-able N-central after a 30 minutes, the probe services should be reporting in and the probe status service should be listed as green.