N-able N-central deployment checklist (Domain)


# Steps Notes
  1. Customer side administrator account is documented and available for use in N-able N-central. This account will be used to execute scripts, etc.
  2. Customer/Sites are created in N-able N-central. Admin account from step 1. Professional licensing.
  3. Windows server/device chosen at the customer's site to host the local Windows software probe. Ideally a server that is not heavily used: for example, a File/Print Server.
  4. Group Policy adjusted with necessary firewall changes and propagated if required. File/Print sharing, ICMP inbound echo on, Inbound Remote Admin on.
  5. DNS scavenging is active if required. On to eliminate stale DHCP records.
  6. SNMP enabled on all applicable network equipment (Switches, Routers, Firewalls). Advanced monitoring only available if SNMP is enabled.
  7. SYSLOG enabled and pointed to the IP of the proposed local probe on all network equipment. Syslog data can be received and alerted on.
  8. SNMP enabled on all applicable servers with the recommended settings. Only required for hardware monitoring on specific physical servers or Traffic monitoring.
  9. Hardware specific monitoring software installed on all servers. Dell Openmanage, HP Insite Manager.
  10. ESX/ESXi Hosts root credentials are documented and available. Necessary for advanced ESX/ESXi monitoring.
  11. Administrator account created for the local Windows software probe. 20 characters or less. Used during probe installation.
  12. Probe installed and configured. Customer/Site specific installer available from the Customer/Site level.
  13. Discovery job created and run. Set up automatic agent deployment and import for your chosen device classes (Laptops, Workstations, Servers).
  14. Agents deployed and devices imported. Review failed or missing devices and resolve. A list of devices not yet imported can be reviewed under ADD/IMPORT DEVICES.
  15. ESX/ESXi monitoring confirmed working. CIM based.
  16. Confirm Server and Network gear advanced monitoring has applied. Apply additional templates as needed. SNMP based. Expect Physical Drive, RAID, etc. on servers. Traffic, Interface, FW-Firewall and Memory services on some network devices.
  17. Review other failed or misconfigured monitoring services and resolve. WMI/SNMP/Powershell based.
  18. Backup Exec monitoring configured. Add Backup Exec service and configure.
  19. AV Defender deployment. Configure and deploy using Rules.
  20. Patch Management deployment. Configure and deploy using Rules.
  21. Review Notification configuration. Setup and On/Off choices.