Service Organizations

As an N-able N-central administrator, you can have multiple MSP organizations using N-able N-central. Each Service Organization (SO) maintains its own Customers, and thus its own users, technicians, rules, notifications, feature sets and so on available to its customers.

Service Organizations are added at the System level. After you add an SO, you can add administrative user accounts to manage them. From there, Customers and Sites can be added, and devices added accordingly.

Depending on your licensing agreement, you can add SOs to N-able N-central, edit company details, contact information, limits, and notification templates, and add SO Admin accounts. You can also allow SOs to manage the password settings that are applied to all of the accounts in the system.

Deleting a Service Organization account will delete associated customers/sites, WSUS groups, devices, probes, notifications, rules and users.

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