Create Service Plans and apply them to multiple customers

A Service Plan is a service item contract that can be assigned to multiple customers and allows for quick and easy bulk management of services that are consistent across those customers.

Combine Service Plans with Program Levels to maximize your company's efficiency.

  1. Navigate to SettingsBilling & Financial > Service Plans > Add Service Plan.
  2. Select the Service type, enter a name and the billing, rates, and invoicing information.
  3. Marking a Service Plan as default overrides any existing default service plans or service items for the customers to which it is applied.

  4. Select Save Service Plan.
  5. From the list of Service Plans, select to apply the plan to multiple customers.
  6. Select the customers to whom you would like to apply the service plan and select Assign Service Plan.

All service plans contained in the Program Level are applied to each selected customer.