Create Program Levels and apply them to multiple customers

A Program Level is a container for all of the different services that your business offers. Use Program Levels to apply multiple Service Plans to one or all of your customers, and group together those services based on your business needs.

Add multiple Service Plans to each Program Level according to the type of contracts and services that you provide. Apply Program Levels to your customers to add all the attached Service Plans.

  1. Navigate to SettingsBilling & Financial > Program Levels.
  2. Select Add Program Level and enter a name and description.
  3. Select Service Plans and choose an existing service plan, or click Add New.
  4. Select a service type, and fill out the service info, billing, rates, and invoicing sections.
  5. Marking a Service Plan as default overrides any existing default service plans or service items for the customers to which it is applied.

  6. Save the Service Plan.
  7. Select Associated Customers, and select customers to add to the Program Level.
  8. This adds all Service Plans in the Program Level to the selected customers.

  9. Save the Program Level.

The Program Level, along with all attached Service Plans are added to the Associated Customers. Add or remove Service Plans from a Program Level to apply or delete those services from all Associated Customers.

To edit a Service Plan at the customer level that is part of a Program, you must break the link between the Service Plan and the Program Level in order to make changes.