Download and install the Linux Console

You can now download and install the Take Control Console to run in Linux, using the Wine compatibility layer. Please note that is still a beta version of the Console. N-able will add enhancements and update the product, based on feedback from our community of users.

The Linux Console runs well on Ubuntu version 20 and 22, as well as Fedora 36. Additionally, it is possible to run in other distros, provided they are supported by the latest versions of Wine.

These installers are provided “as-is”: given the Console is running using a third-party compatibility layer, we might not be able to provide the same level of support as we do with the Take Control Linux Agent and the modules for other operating systems.

Linux Console pre-installation steps

  1. Download and unpack the file.
  2. If needed, change the scripts permissions to be executable using this command: sudo chmod +x “”

Install the Linux Console

  1. Run
  2. If Wine is not already installed, the installer will ask if you want to do so. Type Y to download the latest Wine version for your device.
  3. Select Yes for all the prompts to continue with the installation.

If you already have Wine installed, the following prompt is displayed:

Uninstall the Linux Console

Use the following steps to uninstall the console :

  1. Use the official console uninstaller on your device.
  2. Run to fully remove Wine.

Please make sure Take Control was successfully uninstalled using the official uninstaller before removing Wine.

After wine is successfully removed, run the “autoremove” command at your discretion to remove unnecessary packages.

The “autoremove” command should only be used by experienced Linux users.

Helpful tips for installing and running the Linux Console

  • Please follow the installation instructions carefully to avoid any problems or corrupted applications if you already have Wine installed.
  • In the event of any errors, follow the information at
  • If there are problems with the minimize, maximize and close window buttons, run winecfg in a terminal and select Allow the window manager to decorate the windows in the Graphics tab.

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