PIN Codes

Generate a PIN code to immediately start a support session and attend to customer issues. To initiate a new support session, generate a PIN code and send it to your customer. Each PIN Code has a variable expiration and you can generate a different code for each customer you support.

PIN Code Permissions

Before attempting to start a support session by generating a PIN code, make sure the appropriate technicians have the correct permissions configured.

  1. Navigate to Management > Technicians and select a technician from the list.
  2. Click the Permissions tab and make sure Generate PIN Codes is selected.
  3. Click Save to apply the changes to the technician.

Generate a PIN Code

  1. In the home tab of your console, select Start New Session.
  2. Click the 9-digit PIN code to copy it to the clipboard.

  3. Share the PIN Code with the customer.
    1. Email the code to your customer.
    2. Direct them to to enter the code.

The customer can use the PIN code to download the applet and request a support session. A technician can accept the request to start the support session and provide assistance to the customer.

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