Manage calling cards

In addition to managing the global settings for groups of Calling Cards, you can also configure multiple cards at the same time (belonging to the same or different groups).

Manage a group of cards

  1. Navigate to Management > Calling CardsGenerate/Edit tab.
  2. Click on one of the following check boxes to make changes:
    1. Apply to New Codes - The settings are applied to new codes created in the group. If you are adding codes to the group, you have to select this option, or else the new codes are not created.
    2. Apply to Unused - The settings are applied to all unused codes.
    3. Apply to All - The new settings will be applied to all codes.
  3. Click Generate to save your changes.

Manage one or more cards

  1. Select ManagementCalling Cards > Active Cards.
  2. Select the check box corresponding to the code(s) you want to change, and click Edit.
  3. Change the Expiration Date, the Duration (total time of the card), and the Time Left on the card.
  4. Select Reset code status to reactivate a code that has been revoked.
  5. Click Save after changing the relevant fields.

The Revoke button disables the use of a code, and removes it from the Take Controlnetwork.

Click the Search button to search for new codes. Here you can choose from several options:

  • ID - The calling card number used to download the special applet.
  • Duration (From-To): Time configured to the card.
  • Time left (From-To): Time left on the card.
  • Expired - Selecting this option will include expired cards on the search.
  • All groups - Searches cards from all of the existing groups.
  • All History - Search from the beginning.
  • Use date as Creation date/Expiration date (From-To): allow a delimitation of the search by creation date or by the expiration date. Select the parameters relevant to your search. The table displays the filter

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