Data Discovery Scan Report for Individual Host

The Data Discovery scan is a versatile data scan that searches for unprotected credit card details, social security numbers, drivers license details, date of birth etc. This scan is highly customizable so almost any type of data can be found.

The Scan Results report for this scan shows:

  • Unprotected Data Summary - Graph shows Unprotected Data Count by Type (e.g. VISA, MasterCard etc.). You can also see:
  • Elapsed Time for the scan - The amount of time the scan took to run.
  • Number of Files Scanned - Total number of files scanned.
  • Number of Files with Violation - The number of files containing findings (credit card instances, social security numbers etc.).
  • Number of Total Violations - The total number of unique findings (credit card instances, social security numbers etc.) found in the Number of Files with Violation.
  • Potential Liability - The potential liability of the unprotected data found. For information about configuring potential liability, see the Account Info Tab
  • Unprotected Data Details - Lists files with unprotected data (credit cards, drivers license numbers, social security numbers etc.).
  • Focus on particular data by using the filters at the top of the panel: Bank details, Cards, Date of Birth, Licenses and Social Security numbers.
Any filters set only apply to the current session. If you leave the page, your filters are not retained and you will need to re-select them.
When you choose to download the PDF or CVS files, any filters are ignored and the full unfiltered data is downloaded.
  • Expand files to view: the file hash for the file in each of the hash formats (MD5, SHA1 and SHA256); a table containing the user groups that have access to the file (and what level of access they have - see View Suspect Data File User Access Permissions); a list of the violations found in the file.
The listed, violated files are masked. No unmasked data leaves the system that is scanned.

  • Unprotected Data Scan Statistics - Displays the time it took to run the scan, volumes scanned, number of files scanned, number of files with suspect data, suspected instances found etc.