Licensing and Billing

Partner Licensing and Billing

Partner accounts are billed for the scan licenses that are used in their own organization and all sub-organizations.

For a Partner to be able to scan their own devices and those of their customers, they must allocate one license per device to be scanned.

If a Partner has no licenses allocated for its own scans, it can still create sub accounts for its customers and allocate licenses to them.

Only scan licenses that are used are billed. For example, if the partner has allocated 20 licenses but only uses ten, they will only be billed for the ten that are used.

Retail and Enterprise Licensing and Billing

For Retail and Enterprise accounts, you have a set amount of licenses which you have purchased. How many devices you can scan is based on the number of licenses you have purchased. This must cover devices you want to scan in your own organization and any sub-organizations.

Trial Licenses

Generally, 5 scan licenses are given to trial accounts. Trial licenses are free.