View Partner Licensing and Billing Details

  1. Go to View and Manage - Organizations and open the relevant Partner organization.
  2. Open the Billing tab.

The following information is displayed:

Field/Option Description
Partner License Summary panel
Total Device Licenses Allocated Number of licenses allocated.
Activations for Current Month Any new devices that haven't been scanned before.
Assessments for Current Month Any devices scanned in a previous month that are being scanned again this month.
Billing Info panel
Billing Contact

Only displayed for top level Partners (those with no other Partner organizations above them).

You can change the email address used for the Billing contact here. See Change Billing Contact Email.

Current Licenses panel
Licenses in Use / Max Shows the number of licenses being used and the maximum number of licenses available.
Automatically Renew

If turned on, when the renewal date is reached, all licenses are kept and device scanning can continue as before.

If renewal is turned off, when the renewal date is reached, the organization loses all scan licenses and can no longer scan devices.

Add / Remove Licenses

Opens a wizard which allows you to:

  • Increase Maximum Device Licenses - increase the number of licenses by the amount entered. For example, if you have 10 licenses and you want to increase that to 20, enter 10 in this field.
  • Decrease Maximum Device Licenses - by the amount entered
  • Remove all Licenses

We only bill the top level iScan Partner organization. It is the responsibility of the iScan Partner to bill customers accordingly.