Microsoft SharePoint

To offer an enhanced solution, standalone Cove Data Protection (Cove) has replaced Backup & Recovery. Where Backup & Recovery has been enabled and continues to be so for devices, the options presented here are still available.

Where Backup & Recovery options are not present on your N-sight RMM dashboard, this means you will now need to use Cove.

To start a 30-day free trial of Cove, click the app switcher in the Product bar, and select Cove Data Protection (Cove).

When installed, the Backup Manager automatically detects if the device is running Microsoft Sharepoint (VSS), and automatically adds it as a selectable Data Source.

To backup Microsoft Sharepoint (VSS):

  1. Open the Backup Manager
  2. Navigate to the Backup tab
  3. Click Add against the Microsoft SharePoint
  4. Expand the Microsoft SharePoint (VSS) node to select the environment to backup
  5. In Backup & Recovery 2014 it may be necessary to click the SharePoint name to display the node structure

  6. Configure the Microsoft SharePoint (VSS)Schedule and Save
  7. Amend the Backup & Recovery Check to take account of the increased backup jobs

To amend the selected data sources:

  1. Open the Backup Manager
  2. Go to the Backup tab
  3. Click Edit
  4. Expand the node and change the selection as you require and Save

For information on the VSS SharePoint pre-requisites please refer to the section VSS SharePoint