SNMP Troubleshooting

Use the following information to help troubleshoot problems with the SNMP check:

  1. The SNMP Service is not installed or enabled by default. For more information, see Enable the Windows SNMP Service.
  2. The Port and Community name used for the SNMP service does not corresponds with that entered in the SNMP Security Settings section of the SNMP Check.  Please note that this is case sensitive.
  3. The SNMP Service is running but there is no response to the given OID. This may occur where the application providing the OID is not running or the OID is not one generated by the installed MIB (Management Information Base).
  4. Some SNMP management software requires the SNMP service to be installed prior to installation otherwise SNMP is not available. To resolve this issue it may be necessary to install the SNMP service and then reinstall the SNMP management software or redeploy its SNMP Agents.
  5. SNMP is not enabled by default. If this is the case please refer to your product's literature on enabling this feature
  6. Very occasionally SNMP management software manufacturers have used port 162 for SNMP, although this is primarily used for SNMP TRAPS which are unsupported.
  7. The SNMP presets are not immediately available in the Agent as they are stored on the Dashboard and pulled down the next time the Agent uploads data.
  8. If entering an octet string as the Check pass condition please ensure this exactly matches the expected return string (including case). For example where the pass condition is Good the check will fail if good or Normal is returned.

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