Timeticks, Hexadecimal/MAC addresses and Octet Strings

The following section provides configuration pointers and tips for setting up the SNMP Check.


When using SNMP timeticks as the Test Value comparison, they can be setup in one of two ways. Either supply the comparison test value as a number (of tenths of a second) or in the format x:yy:zz.ab


(int) hours


(int) minutes


(int) seconds


(int) tenths/hundreths of second

Hexadecimal and MAC addresses (Agent v10)

Agent v10 introduced improved handling of hexadecimal numbers and MAC addresses. To match a hexadecimal number or MAC address enter the Test Value in the format 97:98:99:AA:98:97 any other format will be treated as a string when running the Check.

Octet Strings

If the SNMP Check contains an octet string as the pass condition it will only pass where an exact match for the string is returned, including case.

Where any other string is returned, including those that indicate the monitored element is performing with the expected parameters, this will cause the check to fail.

For example where the pass condition is Good the check will fail if Normal is returned.

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