Set Asset Tracking Only as the default for new devices

To automatically deploy an Agent in Asset Tracking Only mode, you set the system Asset Tracking Only template as the default for new installs.

  1. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard, go to Settings > Monitoring Templates > New Device Installation Settings
  2. Select the template target Entity from the left menu. You can select all Servers, all Workstations, or servers or workstations at a selected Client or Site.
  3. Turn Settings to On
  4. Choose Asset Tracking Only (no template) from the Server Default or Workstation Default drop-down menus
  5. Ensure Run check detection scan is not selected
  6. Click OK to save and apply

During a manual installation, the user can change the template, add Checks and change the 24x7 Check frequency. In this case, the device is no longer Asset Tracking Only.

Requirements for Asset Tracking Only

The following checks, tasks, features and settings must be turned off, or configured as specified, to classify a device as Asset Tracking Only and not fully managed:

  • No monitoring checks – all monitoring checks must be removed
  • No automated tasks – all automated tasks must be removed

    Feature Checks and Automated Tasks automatically added with a feature are exempt and can exist on Asset Tracking Only devices.

  • The 24x7 check frequency must be set as follows:
    • 30 minutes or slower for servers
    • 60 minutes or slower for workstations
  • Patch Management must be uninstalled
  • Take Control must be uninstalled
  • Remote Background Management must be uninstalled

    If a device with Patch Management, Take Control, or Remote Background Management enabled but then turned off, the device incurs a monitoring fee until the feature is removed and updated within the N-sight RMM Dashboard. For example, if a feature is turned off and the device is Offline, the device is charged until the removal is completed and reported back to the N-sight RMM Dashboard.

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