Making Service Desk your Front-end

To be of maximum benefit, it is critical that all incoming support requests be funneled into the Service Desk system.

The best way for you to accomplish this is through positioning Service Desk as the central communications hub for all of your business support communications.

  1. Add your logo to the Branding section
  2. Create a CNAME record redirecting to your instance (for example, and add the URL via General Settings
  3. Link to this URL from your website and include in all email signatures
  4. Have your voicemail and hold music advise customers that they can also enter requests directly via your support portal
  5. Embed the "Remote Form" HTML code in your website
  6. Create an email address such as support or requests for customers to contact with new requests (this email address will be inbound only and not used to reply to the customer) and connect toService Desk under Email Retrieval
  7. Configure the Windows System Tray Application to point to your support email address and/or URL
  8. Educate all customers on how to use your support portal to submit new requests and view existing ones
  9. If your customer submits a request by phone, let them know that you’ll open a ticket on their behalf and to expect an email concerning the new ticket
  10. When emailing a customer regarding an open ticket, do so throughService Desk when possible.

REMEMBER: If you do not respect your system enough to consistently use it yourself, your customers will follow your lead.