Email integration

Service Desk offers inbound email integration to ensure your customers have the convenience of replying to emails rather than logging into Service Desk.

Every installation has the ability to leverage the default incoming email addresses which we create per Ticket Queue allowing you to direct incoming email to the appropriate resources.

You can view the default Email Routing by visiting the Queue page under Tickets in the Settings section.


Each queue has the mapping of QueueName@yourinstall.maxdesk.region

External Email integration

If you would like to integrate Service Desk with an existing external mail account this is configured in Settings, Support Channels, Email

In the Email servers tab click New then complete the required information in the Mail Server section:

Field Description


Please select whether your remote mailbox supports POP or IMAP protocol.


This should be the address to your mail server, for example


The username for this email account


The password for this email account


The email port e.g. 110 for POP, 995 for POP SSL etc

Retrieval interval

From 2 to 15 minutes

Connection string

Default:Recommended, novalidate-cert or notis


Should this connection be over secured SSL

After saving these settings the Host is now displayed in the Email Servers tab, click view Log or Test connection, and to edit its details or delete the server click on the Host name. Please note, after adding a Mail Server we would suggest using the Test connection link to ensure the connectivity has been setup correctly.

Finally in the Settings tab choose to Process CC'ed emails as tickets where the email address maps to a Ticket Queue address. and/or Allow only registered users to raise a new ticket.

sd_email_list sd_mail_server_conf

Troubleshooting Email retrieval

If you experience difficulties with mail retrieval please check the View Log link and review the latest connection attempts.

After several consecutive failures a mail server is disabled until it is manually verified by your administration.