macOS Mojave (10.14) and later – Full Disk Access

In addition to allowing System Extensions. The security settings in macOS 10.14 requires Full Disk Access for the Bitdefender application files. The Managed Antivirus user interface displays a You are at risk warning until the user adds the files to the Full Disk Access list.

  1. Click View Issues
  2. Click the Open Privacy button to go to the Security & Privacy window
  3. Go to the Privacy tab and select Full Disk Access
  4. Click the Add button (+). Navigate to the files’ location User HD/Library/ManagedAntivirus/AVP/
  5. Press cmd key and click to select both of the below files then Open
    • BDLDaemon
    • EndpointSecurityforMac (Managed Antivirus)

  6. Enable the tickbox against both BDLDaemon and Managed Antivirus

The notification bar for Managed Antivirus also indicates when Full disk access required.

For Mac Agent 3.4.0 and later, if a device is enrolled in Device Management for Apple, end user notifications are reduced and all our installed applications have the required permissions. For example, a device enrolled in Device Management for Apple has Accessibility permissions enabled.

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