Dashboard URLs

When you sign in to the N-sight RMM Dashboard, you enter your Territory N-sight RMM Dashboard URL and you are redirected to the Single Sign-On login page at https://sso.navigatorlogin.com for authentication.

After successful authentication, you are directed back to your originally entered URL and the N-sight RMM Dashboard displays.

You must ensure https://sso.navigatorlogin.com and the Territory URL(s) you require are accessible by all N-sight RMM Dashboard users.

For more Information about the Single Sign-On login page, see Important: https://www.navigatorlogin.com Access.

Territory URL
Americas https://dashboard.am.remote.management/
Asia https://dashboardasia.system-monitor.com/
Australia https://dashboard.system-monitor.com/
Europe https://dashboardeurope1.systemmonitor.eu.com/
France (FR) https://dashboardfrance.systemmonitor.eu.com/
France1 https://dashboardfrance1.systemmonitor.eu.com/
Germany https://dashboardgermany1.systemmonitor.eu.com/
Ireland https://dashboardireland.systemmonitor.eu.com/
Poland https://dashboardpoland1.systemmonitor.eu.com/
United Kingdom https://dashboard.systemmonitor.co.uk/
United States   https://dashboard.systemmonitor.us/

With the availability of Custom Dashboard URLs we no longer require the secondary Dashboards (WWW2 or Dashboard 2).

Other required network connections: