Agent Communication URLs


Depending on the company's security policy a firewall or other web monitoring software may be deployed to filter internet connections. As such, and to avoid any potential Agent communication issues, we would suggest allowing the following URLs in the firewall or software over ports 80 and 443.

Deep Packet Inspection

The network’s firewall or Virtual Private Network (VPN) may incorporate Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), an intelligent firewalling feature designed to examine all network traffic (including SSL) that passes through the firewall.

DPI examines all elements of these data packets and depending on the aggressiveness of this inspection, it may potentially interfere with the operation and performance of our Agent and associated modules by blocking of delaying communication with our systems.

To avoid DPI interfering with our systems, we would suggest adding a rule to exclude or disable DPI for our traffic (where DPI is enabled on the firewall).

These configuration settings vary from vendor to vendor and are documented in their support material.

Web Protection and Packet Inspection

Despite the duplicate inspection of each packet, the use of two packet inspectors (including Web Protection) on the same network should not significantly impact on performance if the inspectors use different drivers.

However, conflicts will occur if both inspectors attempt to use the same driver to examine the packets. Due to the potential performance issues, we would recommend disabling Web Protection on those networks where the DPI component leverages the same driver as Web Protection.

Agent Upload URLs

All Agents, regardless of Operating System, report back to the Dashboard over the relevant upload* URL for their territory and download any Agent or Feature updates from the "Agent and Feature Downloads" address for their region.

Agent and Feature Downloads

To provide consistent, high availability and high speed downloads of the Agent and other supporting software we utilize Amazon's CloudFront Global Edge Network for multiple geographically located download addresses.

This Agent and features download address is served by a range of IP addresses (making use of the full capability of Amazon's delivery network) and if you need to allow their IP addresses in your firewall; the current set of Amazon IP addresses are available from; simply filter for entries marked CLOUDFRONT.

Please note that CloudFront is strictly used for downloading software only, it is not used in any other capacity to receive or host data.

Real-time Monitoring

The Monitoring Agents (from Window Monitoring Agent 9.10, Mac Agent 2.0 and Linux Agent 2) utilize an improved Check component as part of real-time monitoring which primarily communicates to our servers over cannonball-* and checks-* To facilitate the successful operation of these Agents, please ensure the below URLs are reachable from any devices these Agent are installed on.

Windows Antivirus Update Check

In addition to the above regional URLs, Windows Monitoring Agent 10.6.0 (and later) require access to the following URL for the Antivirus Update Check:

URLs and IP Addresses

Territory Agent Upload URLs Agent and Feature Downloads Real-time Monitoring
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