Agent Communication URLs

Since a firewall or other web monitoring software may filter internet connections, to avoid potential Agent communication issues, we recommend you allow the following URLs that require access in the firewall or software over ports 80 and 443.

Also depending on your system configuration, you may need to allow URLs for the following items to ensure N-sight RMM operates as intended:

  • Deep Packet Inspection

    The network firewall or VPN may use Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), which examines all network traffic that passes through the firewall. DPI examines all data packet elements, and it can block or delay communication with our Agent and systems.To avoid DPI interfering with our systems, we recommend you exclude or disable DPI for our traffic if DPI is enabled on the firewall.

    To avoid potential performance issues if two packet inspectors attempt to use the same driver to examine packets, we recommend you disable Web Protection on networks where the DPI component leverages the same driver as Web Protection.

  • Windows Antivirus Update Check

    For the Antivirus Update Check, the Windows Agent requires access to:

  • Persistent connection requirements

    Persistent outbound connections enable you send commands to the Windows Agent to perform actions outside of its schedule—to run an action now in near real-time. For the list of URLs that require access, see Persistent Connection Requirements.

  • Agent and Feature Downloads

    We use Amazon's CloudFront Global Edge Network for multiple geographically located download addresses.

    The Agent and features download address is served by a range of IP addresses and you may need to allow their IP addresses in your firewall. For the current set of Amazon IP addresses, see and filter for CLOUDFRONT entries.

    CloudFront is strictly used for downloading software. It is not used in any other capacity to receive or host data.

URLs that require access

Territory Agent Upload URLs Agent and Feature Downloads Real-time Monitoring




France (FR)





United Kingdom

United States

Other required network connections: