Manage Customers, Locations and Assets

N-sight RMM and MSP Manager use a similar hierarchical structure but they use the following different terms:

N-sight RMM MSP Manager
Client Customer
Site Location
Device Asset

Customers/Clients and Locations/Sites


  • You can add, edit, and delete devices in N-sight RMM
  • You can edit and delete assets in MSP Manager but the changes only apply in MSP Manager and they are not transferred to N-sight RMM

    Asset changes in MSP Manager are replaced with the current N-sight RMM settings the next time MSP Manager synchronizes with N-sight RMM

  • Actions completed in N-sight RMM with MSP Manager are automatically synchronized but you can manually synchronize them to force the synchronization to happen sooner
  • For instructions about how to add, edit, and delete devices, see:
    N-sight RMMAdd a device

    Delete a Client, Site or device from N-sight RMM

    MSP ManagerAdd tags to your assets

Manually synchronize N-sight RMM with MSP Manager

To synchronize any Client, Site, or Device actions performed in N-sight RMM with MSP Manager:

  1. In MSP Manager, go to CustomersContext MenuSynchronize RMM