Connection Issues

This section provides troubleshooting tips for connection issues that may affect the Windows Agent uploads to our servers.

Login failure

If a login failure is returned during the Agent installation when you enter the username and password from the registration email, the method used to populate the fields could be the issue. For example, if you cut and paste the credentials from the registration email, additional blank spaces may be copied. The Agent recognizes the additional characters and fails the credentials verification. To avoid this issue, enter the credentials manually.

The login failure does not apply to Site Installation Packages because the required credentials are bundled in the installation package.

If the login failure persists after you confirm and manually enter your credentials, the issue may be a communication issue between the device and our servers.

Communication issue

To determine if your problem is a communication issue, first check if our servers can be reached from the device. Open Microsoft Edge and go to the Agent Communication URLs for your territory.

If successful, a blank page is returned. Any other result indicates of a problem. For example, a firewall could be blocking the connection and you may need to create an exception in the firewall, web-filtering software or even Antivirus plugin which is blocking access to the Agent Communication URLs.

If you have a certification problem, click the padlock icon (which indicates the secured connection) and select View Certificates, Install Certificate to accept all default options.

If an error is returned, test further to determine if the issue is related to a certification problem on the device by checking whether the URLs can be reached over HTTP — replace HTTPS with HTTP in the browser to test.

If the Agent installs successfully, but there are problems with subsequent communication issues, first ensure the Agent is running under an account with enhanced privileges, such as administrator, to allow it to upload data to the All Devices view. For the steps change the account, see Change the Agent service logon account .

If the account has sufficient permissions to upload but still returns an error message, see the following troubleshooting options: