Asset Tracking Only

You may have clients with mixed requirements and environments that include devices you don't fully manage. Rather than remove the device from the N-sight RMM Dashboard, you can configure it as Asset Tracking Only so it is not fully managed, but it is included in the device inventory.

To set a device to Asset Tracking only, you can:

If you need to fully manage the device at a later time, you can reconfigure it for monitoring and management.

Requirements for Asset Tracking Only

If a device starts the month with any of the following checks, tasks or features installed, and later in the month you configure it as Asset Tracking Only state, it is classified as monitored for that month. If a device remains in Asset Tracking Only mode through all of the following month, it is no longer a monitored device.

The following checks, tasks, features and settings must be turned off, or configured as specified, to classify a device as Asset Tracking Only and not fully managed:

  • No monitoring checks – all monitoring checks must be removed
  • No automated tasks – all automated tasks must be removed

    Feature Checks and Automated Tasks automatically added with a feature are exempt and can exist on Asset Tracking Only devices.

  • The 24x7 check frequency must be set as follows:
    • 30 minutes or slower for servers
    • 60 minutes or slower for workstations
  • Patch Management must be uninstalled
  • Take Control must be uninstalled
  • Remote Background Management must be uninstalled

    If a device with Patch Management, Take Control, or Remote Background Management enabled but then turned off, the device incurs a monitoring fee until the feature is removed and updated within the N-sight RMM Dashboard. For example, if a feature is turned off and the device is Offline, the device is charged until the removal is completed and reported back to the N-sight RMM Dashboard.

A device must check into the N-sight RMM Dashboard to go into Asset Tracking Only mode

It is important to note that for a device to move from monitored to Asset Tracking Only it must first check into the N-sight RMM Dashboard to receive its configuration update. To remove Patch Management, Take Control and Remote Background Management, uninstall any Checks or Automated Tasks and apply the correct 24x7 frequency etc. An offline device will continue to be classed as monitored until it checks into the Dashboard to update its configuration.

Features that can be enabled in Asset Tracking Only mode

Asset Tracking Only mode may be used in conjunction with the following features. Enabling these features will not change the devices monitoring status.

  • Backup & Recovery
  • Endpoint Detection & Response
  • Managed Antivirus
  • Risk Intelligence
  • Web Protection
  • Windows System Tray Application

Checks and automated tasks deployed as part of a feature installation are excluded from monitoring and do not change the device's status to monitored.