Apple iOS App

The N-sight RMM app in the App Store, enables you to manage your Clients and Devices directly from your iOS device where it is running 10.0 or later.

Quick Start Guide

  1. Ensure the Mobile Apps N-sight RMM Dashboard Permissions are enabled for app users
  2. Install the N-sight RMM app from the App Store

To open the app and sign in:

  1. Use your N-sight RMM Username and Password to sign in.
  2. Where prompted, enter your Two Factor Authentication Security Code (supported from N-sight RMM app 1.1.0).

    By default, the app opens at the Problems view.

  3. Select the section option to go between the main sections Problems (default section), Clients, and Settings.
  4. Pull down in the main window to refresh the data.
  5. Use the Search and Filter options to display targeted information.
  6. Choose a device to:
    1. View Check and Asset information
    2. Add Notes
    3. Clear (acknowledge) Failing Checks
    4. Initiate Take Control connections to the device directly from the app
    5. To use Take Control you must have Take Control permissions enabled.

  7. Go to Settings to change the sign-in authentication method to passcode, Face ID or Touch ID (where supported on the device).

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