Configure Additional Device Security

With the release of N-sight RMM app version 1.1.0 we have introduced the ability to utilize the device's inbuilt security options and set a passcode, Face ID, or Touch ID to sign-in. Where enabled, these authorization methods are also required to validate a Take Control session from the app.


  1. Open the N-sight RMM app
  2. Enter your username and password
  3. If Two Factor Authentication is enabled for your account, populate the Security Code
  4. Press Settings
  5. Select from the available sign-in methods: Face ID, Touch ID or Passcode
  6. Configure the chosen security option (if required)

Change or Disable Additional Device Security0

  1. Sign-in to the N-sight RMM app
  2. Press Settings
  3. Disable the current security option
    1. Change: select a different security option and configure
    2. Disable additional device security: exit out of the Settings dialog

Please note, if the Face ID fail, click Cancel to login with your username and password.