Edit Client

To edit a client:

  1. Navigate to the clients list by selecting Clients from the main menu.
  2. Click on Edit Client in the 3 dots menu of the Actions column of the required client.
  3. The Edit Client dialog opens. Make the required edits.
  4. Click Save to save and close the editor, or Cancel to close without saving any changes.
Toggle Description
Site Login (Site) Enables Site functionality for the Client. This requires the Site product - please see the Site product documentation for more information.
Forced Credential Types This forces the client to use the credentials list from the organization.
Unlock Windows Accounts on resets When resetting an account via Blink also unlock the account
Auto Restart Updates Services When service account logins are updated, restart the service
Auto Create Missing Windows Users Create the user in Windows if present in Passportal and set to update password
Auto Create Users as Passwords When a password change is detected, create the user as a password in Passportal
Update Service Credentials on Network Update all network services with password changes
Mute Agent Turn on/off password processing for agent
Two-way Sync Enables 2 way syncing on agents
Agent Settings Override Blink Options When this setting is off, the options in the Blink app will be used for password resets
Require password change on Blink resets Where enabled, when Blink users request password resets they will be forced to change their password at next login
Password reset length for Blink users When Blink users request password resets, this is the length required for the password
Folder Path Folder where synced passwords will be created. Available after a v4.1.0 Agent or above has synced
Org Units Filter Select the Organization Units you want to sync with. Available after a v4.1.0 Agent or above has synced