Azure Synchronization

The Azure Active Directory (AD) synchronization allows you to store passwords and push password changes to Azure AD synced accounts.

After the client is authenticated, password changes in Passportal will sync to Azure.

Azure AD synchronization is a one-way process from Passportal to Azure and unlike Active Directory, auto-rotate is not an option for Azure passwords.

Blink will work as usual for Azure passwords.

How to setup Azure AD sync

  1. Navigate to the Clients section from the left pane

  2. Search for the client and choose the Edit Client option in the Actions column's 3 dots menu

  3. This opens the Edit Client tile including a Microsoft Sync drop-down

  4. Select Connect to Azure or Active Directory + Azure

  5. Once selected, the Edit Client section displays an Active Directory Domain field, an Azure Login Authenticate button and a Mute Azure sync toggle One-way Sync (on by default)

  6. To begin the synchronization process click the Authenticate button and enter the Microsoft details when prompted

After authenticating, the Edit Client section displays a green tick and Authentication successful message.

Azure sync clients are indicated in the Clients view by a cloud. Green clouds for successful authentications and orange clouds for those that have yet to authenticate and are in a pending state. Where the client has Active Directory sync enabled, this is indicated by the server icon.

To synchronize Passportal password changes with Azure AD, the client will need to add the Azure users in Passportal either manual or import as passwords.