Credential Rotation

You can set the stored credentials to automatically update (rotate) on an interval.

  • A default global rotation interval can be set in the main settings of Passportal
  • Rotation can be enabled and disabled per client and per credential
  • The rotation interval can also be configured at the Client level, should the interval requirement be different than the global setting

Set credential rotation interval globally

  1. Navigate to Settings > General
  2. Select the Advanced Options tab
  3. Define the duration in the Default Rotation Policy Frequency (in days) field as required, and then click Save at the foot of the options

Once set, when rotation is enabled at the Client level, the interval days default to the duration as set globally.

Enable and set credential rotation interval at Client level

When creating or editing a Client, you can enable rotation, and then set a custom client rotation interval:

When configuring the client:

  1. Enable the Rotation Policy (days) toggle
  2. The default rotation interval is shown - enter a new duration (in days) if required for the client
  3. Click Save

Credential rotation at the credential level

At the credential level you can enable or disabled rotation, but cannot set the interval. The interval will be the same as the Client rotation interval (if not set at the client level, it will be the default global duration).

  1. Either during credential creation or when editing a credential, enable the Rotation Policy toggle
  2. Make any other required changes or configurations and then click Save