Cloud Commander templates

Templates in Power Automate are pre-built flows for common services. Cloud Commander templates are built to run all the actions associated with a process.

Use the Cloud Commander templates as they are, or customize them to meet your unique requirements. For more information about creating and customizing a flow from a template, see the Microsoft documentation.

We provide two templates you can import and use with the Cloud Commander connector.

Template Description
Onboarding workflow

Download template

Onboard users—create users, assign licenses to user, and add users to Microsoft Entra ID groups.
Offboarding workflow

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Offboard users—update users, convert to shared mailbox, set OneDrive admin permissions, and unassign user licenses.

If you need to offboard a recently onboarded user, refresh the user list in the Cloud Commander user interface, and ensure the user displays before you run the offboarding workflow for them. See View users and user details.

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Updated: May 07, 2024