Use a template

Use the Cloud Commander templates to create a flow.

The account you use to run a flow must have the roles configured in Cloud Commander for the specified actions in the flow, and for the organizations you are running the flow against.

  1. In the Power Automate left navigation, select My flows.
  2. Under Cloud flows, select a template to show the flow template details.
  3. Near the top of the screen, select Edit.

    The flow displays, showing each action.

  4. Select the title bar for an action to expand it, and then add parameters if required.

  5. Near the top of the screen, enter a name for your flow, and select Create Flow.

  6. When you are finished adding to the flow, select Save.

For more information about creating and customizing a flow from a template, see the Microsoft documentation.

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Updated: May 07, 2024