Default platform user groups

Cloud Commander includes the following default platform user groups to get you started. You add users to the groups according to job responsibility. After Cloud Commander is setup, you can customize these groups or create your own platform user groups as needed:
  • CC Admins
  • CC Technicians
  • CC License Admins

As you onboard more customer tenants into Cloud Commander, the scopes of the default platform user groups automatically expand to include the new customer tenants.

During the initial Cloud Commander setup, the first Cloud Commander user is assigned to each of the default platform user groups. You can assign more users to the groups as needed. For more information, see Manage platform user groups.

For a list of all the Cloud Commander platform roles by category with their descriptions and permissions, see the Platform roles section.

Job responsibilityPlatform roleDefault groups
CC AdminsCC TechniciansCC License Admins
Manage Tenant RelationshipsAdministrators   
Partner Center Administrators  
Execute Platform CommandsCommand Platform Role Writer  
Manage and Assign Platform RolesRole Administrators  
Manage Platform Groups User Group Administrators  
View Command Job Logs Command Block Job Log Reader 
Manage Microsoft Entra ID GroupsMicrosoft Entra ID Group Administrators 
View Entra ID UsersIdentity and Access Essentials Reader 
Manage Microsoft Entra ID UsersIdentity and Access Essentials Writer  
Identity Protection Writer  
User Administrators 
Manage Entra ID RolesMicrosoft Entra Role Writer  
Manage Entra ID Authentication methodsMicrosoft Entra ID Authentication Methods Writer  
Manage Microsoft 365 LicensesLicense Administrators 
Manage Subscriptions & RenewalsSubscription Management  
Product and Subscription Administrators  
Manage Azure ResourcesAzure Management Resource Admin  
Manage ExchangeExchange Writer   

Microsoft Exchange Online PowerShell Writer

Manage SharePoint/OneDriveMicrosoft OneDrive for Business Writer   
Microsoft SharePoint Online Writer  
Manage TeamsMicrosoft Teams Writer  
Manage Intune DevicesMicrosoft Endpoint Manager Device Configuration and Policies Writer  
Microsoft Endpoint Manager Device Writer  
Manage Windows 365 DevicesMicrosoft Windows 365 Writer  
View Secure Scores ReportMicrosoft Secure Scores Reader  
View License Availability ReportPartner Center Customer Reader 

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Updated: Jun 03, 2024