Administrative reports

Administrative reports provide overview information about your customers, their systems and the status of agents and probes. The reports available depend upon whether you have accessed the page from the Service Organization (SO) or Customer or Site (CS) level.

To access the administrative reports, click ReportsAdministrative.

If the report category does not appear, the category is not available at that level.

Report NameDescriptionLevel

Agent/Probe overview

This report produces a list of all devices that have Agent and/or Windows probes installed for the entire service organization or the selected company. It shows the device name and operating system, and gives information about the agent or probe such as version, installation status and an error message if the latest version of the agent or probe was not successfully installed.


This report produces a list of all companies, showing address and contact details.


This report produces a list of all devices by company, showing network address, operating system, number of monitored devices and agent version.

License Usage

This report shows license usage across a single company or the service organization, both as a chart and as a table showing the maximum allowed for each type, total used and percentage used.

System AuditThe Service Organization system audit report is available for the entire SO or for a single company. It is designed to support system administrators, generating reports for a selected time period that shows additions, modifications, deletions from the system, user sign-ins or user sign-outs.SO, CS