Install N-able N-central on Amazon AWS EC2

  1. Login to the Amazon AWS Console and select the EC2 Management Console.
  2. Click Instances and click Launch Instance.
  3. Click Community AMIs and search for the AMI, or for N-central.
  4. Click Select.
  5. Select a suitably sized General Purpose Instance Type, based on the sizing information table in the System Requirements.
  6. Click Next: Configure Instance Detail, then Click Next: Add Storage.
  7. Set the appropriate storage size for your instance based on the sizing information table in the System Requirements.

    N-able N-central AWS EC2 Instances have a maximum useable storage size of 2TB.

  8. In the Volume Type drop-down list box, select General Purpose SSD (GP2) (Provisioned IOPS can provide better disk performance, but at a higher cost).
  9. Click Review and Launch.
  10. On the Review Page, click Edit security groups.
  11. Create a security group, and open the inbound TCP ports 22, 80, 443, 5280, and 10000.
  12. Click Review and Launch, then click Launch.
  13. Select Proceed without keypair from the drop-down list box and click to select the acknowledgement check box (If you provide a keypair, it will be ignored and not installed).
  14. Click Launch Instances.

The new instance launches, and you are returned to the Instances page to view the new instance.

Be sure to Adjust the Time Zone to match your desired location. If you are restoring a N-able N-central Backup, the Time Zone must be an exact match to the server you are restoring the Backup from.

What's next?

With N-able N-central installed: