Install N-able N-central as a guest on Windows Server 2016 or newer Hyper-V server

Hyper-V on Windows Desktop Operating Systems not Supported.

Desktop versions of Microsoft Windows, with the Hyper-V feature enabled are not supported as a host for N-able N-central. The Hyper-V feature must be enabled on a supported version of the Windows Server Operating System.

Windows Server Semi-Annual Releases are not Supported.

Only Long-Term Support (LTS) versions of the Windows Server Operating System are supported as a Hyper-V host for N-able N-central. Microsoft releases "Semi-Annual Release" versions of Windows Server as a technology preview for the next LTS version. Due to their technology preview status, these "Semi-Annual Release" versions of Windows Server are not supported as Hyper-V hosts for N-able N-central.

Dynamic Memory is not supported.

N-able N-central does not support the use of Dynamic Memory under Hyper-V. Enabling Dynamic Memory can lead to Kernel Panics, Service crashes, and Database corruption.

  1. Create a new virtual machine using the settings below.


    Generation 2 (preferred).

    FirmwareMove the DVD Drive to the top of the boot order.
    SecurityUnder the Secure Boot section, select the Microsoft UEFI Certificate Authority from the Template drop-down menu.
    MemorySize according to tables in System Requirements.
    Disable “Dynamic Memory”.
    ProcessorSize according to the table in System Requirements. Expand the Processor options (+). In the NUMA subsection, click Use Hardware Topology.
    Hard DriveSize according to table in the System Requirements.
    DVD DriveMount the N-able N-central ISO disk image.

    Network Adapter

    Set a static MAC address.

    Integration ServicesEnable Guest Services.

    Checkpoints should be disabled except for when you create a cold checkpoint immediately before a N-able N-central upgrade. The Checkpoint should be removed as soon as the upgrade has been successful in order to reduce the performance impact of the Checkpoint Differencing Disk.

    This is for your safety and is considered best practise, if you restore using this method you will still need to capture a fresh N-central backup(.tar) and digest (.sha1) and perform a rebuild and restore using our supported restore method.

  2. Start the new VM.
  3. If the Press the <ENTER> key to install N-central prompt displays, click Enter.
  4. Click Enter to Install N-able N-central unless you want to test the physical media or need to install in text only mode (usually if you are using a serial console). Otherwise select the desired boot option and click Enter.

    After a few moments, you should be prompted to provide the N-able N-central network settings. If you are not prompted to provide the network settings, N-able N-central was unable to locate a suitable network card. Turn off the server and verify the network card before re-trying the N-able N-central installation.

  5. Select which IP stack/s you need to enable (IPv4 only, or both IPv4 and IPv6). Click Tab to highlight OK and click Enter.
  6. Select your IPv4 network configuration. N-able recommends using a Static IPv4 Address. Tab to OK and click Enter.
  7. If you selected to use a dual stack configuration, select your IPv6 network configuration. N-able recommends using a Static IPv6 Address. Tab to OK and click Enter.
  8. If you selected a Static IPv4 Address configuration, enter the IP Address, Netmask, Gateway and Nameservers (CloudFlare’s has been pre-populated by default). Tab to OK and click Enter.
  9. If you selected a Static IPv6 Address configuration, on the next screen enter the IP Address, Prefix Length (/64 is the most common), Gateway, and Nameservers (CloudFlare’s has been pre-populated by default). Select OK and click Enter.
  10. On the next page, select your desired Time Zone. Tab to OK and click Enter.

    Be sure to Adjust the Time Zone to match your desired location. If you are restoring a N-able N-central Backup, the Time Zone must be an exact match to the server from which you are restoring the Backup.

    If your location is not listed, be sure to select a location that is in the same time zone as you are.

  11. The Operating System Installer will now be launched. No further input is required on the server console. When the install completes, please go to the indicated web URL to continue configuring N-able N-central.

What's next?

With N-able N-central installed: