Windows Laptops/Workstations Profile

The Windows Laptops/Workstations profile is used to configure security settings for Windows laptops and workstations. In this profile, you are able to set the following:

  • Security Module settings:

  • General settings

  • Rule associations

You can create profiles at the Service Organization level or at the Customer/Site level. To make profile management easier and reduce the time needed to administer security protection, create a single profile at the Service Organization level or Customer/Site level.

Access to profiles is based on the level at which you create them.

Create a Windows Laptops/Workstations profile

To create a new Windows Laptops/Workstations profile:

  1. In the left-hand navigation pane, click ConfigurationSecurity ManagerProfiles.

  2. Click AddAdd Windows Laptops/Workstations Profile.

  3. Enter a profile name and description (optional).

  4. Under the Settings tab, configure your Security Module Settings and General Settings:

  5. Under the Associations tab, configure rule association by clicking the check boxes.

  6. Click Save.